Tuesday, 30 May 2017

An Effective way to spend a Budget Surplus

If you were governor of your state, how would you spend a budget surplus?

Young youth is backbone of any county. But the country will be in entangle if it’s youth will went on a wrong path. If I will be the governor of my state, I would spend the budget surplus to empower the youth. Using the surplus budget, I will make pocket libraries in every region of my state. So, people of my state, especially the youth will take advantage and will be able to act as a prolific citizens.

Today, education is the basic need of every person. These pocket libraries will help to increase the knowledge of students, which will help them to achieve quality education. We will put interested and variety of books in those libraries so that, students will polish their knowledge and those Childer will gain information, who can not attend school for any reason.

I will introduce a new way of learning through these libraries. People will discuss things by making a group in the library. People will discuss things and their problems with other people in the group and this will help them to find a better solution. People will come here to read books but they will also transfer their information to others. These small group discussions will help people to know each others perception and to understand each other in a better way. This will also indirectly develop the creativity of people.

Many students and other people will come to these libraries and they will interact with each other. Using this opportunity they will know each other and automatically a bond of harmony and unconditional love will form between them. And this will help to bring peace and will maintain sustainability in the state.

Youth can create and they can also destroy a county. I am leading my youth in a positive direction by introducing pocket libraries. This will help them to find their inner potential and this could be the best way to create high intellectual minds and maintain peace in the state.

10 Books that will shake your world by Ralph Smart


DAUGHTER V/S SONS in our Society

Q2)      Do parents have different hopes and standards for their sons than for their               daughters?

Patents always give priority to their sons than to their daughters. I think it is all about cultural traditional practices and result of conservative practices and lack of quality education viz awareness. It is because girls are deprived from fundamental rights.

Firstly, these people think that giving education to their daughters is useless. It is like you are planting a flower, nourishing it and when the time comes it will give you it’s essence someone else take it away form you. In our real lives we can see that how a man is providing education to his only son but no of his three daughters.

Secondly, cultural and tradition bound many people to give independence to their girls. According to those parents, a girl is dependent but in reality they are making her dependent. They think that she always needs someone, who will provide her how to make her husband happy and become obedient. They never understand that by providing education to their daughter there will be no any need of someone, they will be dependent on. We have a family friend who has three daughters and one son and he is sending his son to school but not his daughters. The reason he is giving that his religion and tradition is not giving permission to send girls to school.

Thirdly, conservative thinking is biggest cause of different hopes for their sons than for their daughters. These parents think that daughter is a curse and she will be the cause for the dishonor of their family. Therefore they confine their daughters in homes like a hopeless bird in a cage. And if she tried to raise her voice they will kill her in the name of honor.

In short female child is blessing in my opinion and some parents/families do have such priorities but with the passage of time people will change because without role of women societies cannot progress.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Antimonial lead in Chromium Plating

Q)  Why we use antimonial lead instead of chromium in chromium plating?

Ans:    Because antimonial lead is an alloy of Antimony (Sb) and lead (Pb), so it is unreactive and resists oxidation.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”. The proverb means that the difficulties we face in our lives help making us strong and able. Narrate an event form your life which was very difficult to go through but you have learnt something significant and profound from it. Explain in what ways you are different how as a result of that event.

Life has many up and downs. It is not easy to live an easy life, at least you will face a difficult situation once in your life time. This is the beauty of life as it is a good teacher which teaches you practically by just involving you in a difficult situation. One of the events everyone has to face in their lives is their school life. It is difficult for a child to go against his\her will and accept a daily boring routine. 

A child, who is not matured to understand the important of school, is always thinking of playing. They unaware of the coming problems in their life and they do not have the skill to fight with the problems. They in their only small world consist of small things. And after that the time comes, when life put them in a long difficult and boring process.

I can still remember the days when I do not want to wake up early and my mom was always forcing me to wake up. It was difficult to sit in class during lectures because they were boring. I was always waiting for the last bell to ring so that the teacher will stop and I could go home. It is not finished yet, after taking the lunch a big monster was waiting for me and it was impossible to escape from home without doing your homework. Majority of the times you have to sacrifice your playing time for your homework and studies. And the routine repeats every day until the Great War starts, known as exams. We collect our weapons and prepare for it and after sometime everything will start all over again.

It seems like I was in jail. Then, a time comes when era of school came to an end and you have to leave it in order to go to college. At that time you hope that you could still be in school because till then life teaches that sleeping for long is nothing just a wastage of time. You realized that those boring lectures were greatly enhancing your knowledge. The monster was the trainer, which trains your brain to work in a proper way. And the war, which I was thinking is useless, was telling about me about myself that how much I am capable of.

As a child, I was thinking schooling as a way of torture innocent children. But now I realize that it changed my way of thinking and gave me a goal to achieve. This process taught me the techniques to deal with a problems and it aware me that there are still big problems I am going to face in my life and I don’t frighten of them because I know the way to deal with them and know that life has something there for me to learn also.

Monday, 16 January 2017

There is Something In U...


There is something in you but I don't know what is it?

Dananjaya Hettiarachch, the winner of World Champion of Public Speaking in 2014, spoke on the topic "there is something in you". He talks about finding the inner potential in a motivational way..