“Forget What Hurt You But Never Forget What It Taught You”

“Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you”
Life is very tough that’s why it is a best teacher. The more it will be tougher, the more we will work hard and will raise our personality to live it. We face many hard events but in every abominable event there is some secret teaching hidden. Instead of wasting our time in focusing the pain we should find that secret message of life. So, that it will help us to face and deal with the future challenges.
Sometimes, the pain becomes more intense that people abdicate their life. They are the most selfish and boring people ever born, who only think about themselves and do not want to learn anything from life. Life is full of wonderful and extremely amazing knowledge but to achieve this knowledge one has to bear an intense pain. People always try to avoid the pain. They became afraid of pain. They think that the light will burn them. So, they abandon the path towards the light of knowledge and choo…

“A Friend Is One Who Believes In You When You Have Ceased To Believe In Yourself”

“A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself”Humans are said to be superior to other creatures in this world because of their authority to choose. Does this statement is also true when we talk about choosing a relationship? After our birth, we found our self in confusing mixed string of relationships. Our parents, our siblings, and many more connected to this chain. These are people; we do not have the right to choose. We like them or not, we have to accept them as our relatives but on the other hand friendship is a relation in which we choose someone, we want to be with and someone we love.
Friendship is a pure relation, which is based on love, trust and understanding. Our friends give us the love in the time, when we need it the most. They risk everything for us because they know that we will never let them down. We share our feelings and core values with them because they understand and respect our feelings and emotions.
A friend will never laugh …

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“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”. The proverb means that the difficulties we face in our lives help making us strong and able. Narrate an event form your life which was very difficult to go through but you have learnt something significant and profound from it. Explain in what ways you are different how as a result of that event.
Life has many up and downs. It is not easy to live an easy life, at least you will face a difficult situation once in your life time. This is the beauty of life as it is a good teacher which teaches you practically by just involving you in a difficult situation. One of the events everyone has to face in their lives is their school life. It is difficult for a child to go against his\her will and accept a daily boring routine. 
A child, who is not matured to understand the important of school, is always thinking of playing. They unaware of the coming problems in their life and they do not have the skill to fight with the problems. They in their only …