“A Friend Is One Who Believes In You When You Have Ceased To Believe In Yourself”

“A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself”

Humans are said to be superior to other creatures in this world because of their authority to choose. Does this statement is also true when we talk about choosing a relationship? After our birth, we found our self in confusing mixed string of relationships. Our parents, our siblings, and many more connected to this chain. These are people; we do not have the right to choose. We like them or not, we have to accept them as our relatives but on the other hand friendship is a relation in which we choose someone, we want to be with and someone we love.

Friendship is a pure relation, which is based on love, trust and understanding. Our friends give us the love in the time, when we need it the most. They risk everything for us because they know that we will never let them down. We share our feelings and core values with them because they understand and respect our feelings and emotions.

A friend will never laugh on you instead, they will laugh with you. They will never make fun of your emotions. When you feel heartbroken they will try to give you smile because they feel your pain and they don’t want to leave you alone in that situation. A friend is someone who will do anything for your smile, they sacrifice for your joy and they abdicate their happiness for yours. When the whole world will be against you even your family, you saw your friends standing by your side at that time.

In normal days, they behave like aberrant. Their acts seems crazy to you but they are doing it to take and give love and to fill life with joy.   Our friends are always tease us but they will always ready to beat that person who tried to do something wrong to you. We face moments in our live, where we became hopeless but our friends never let us to abdicate because they trust us and they know us better than we know ourselves. They know our capacity to do something. That’s why they became the light and show us the path when we feel lost in darkness.

In a nut shell, our friends are our life. They are like air for us, without breathing it, we can not survive likewise, without a friend our lives can not be filled with joy and affection and without joy and affection our lifetime will be abbreviate. In short, we will die sooner without a friend. Living a life without a pal is like watching a television without color.

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