“Forget What Hurt You But Never Forget What It Taught You”

                                   “Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you”

Life is very tough that’s why it is a best teacher. The more it will be tougher, the more we will work hard and will raise our personality to live it. We face many hard events but in every abominable event there is some secret teaching hidden. Instead of wasting our time in focusing the pain we should find that secret message of life. So, that it will help us to face and deal with the future challenges.

Sometimes, the pain becomes more intense that people abdicate their life. They are the most selfish and boring people ever born, who only think about themselves and do not want to learn anything from life. Life is full of wonderful and extremely amazing knowledge but to achieve this knowledge one has to bear an intense pain. People always try to avoid the pain. They became afraid of pain. They think that the light will burn them. So, they abandon the path towards the light of knowledge and choose to live in darkness but they do not know that the light gives them wisdom and it is only known by those who dare to turn their face towards the light.
Eagle is a bird, who can reach to the top that no other bird can reach. After forty years of his life time, the Eagle has to abrade their feathers by themselves but it is an arduous work. The bird has to bear an extreme pain but after this is done, the Eagle can live thirty more years without any abject. Otherwise the eagle has to die after forty years of his life.

Some Eagles dare to go through this arduously painful process but they die during the process because of their weakness and aberrant body strength but it does not matter that they die during the process or lived after the process is done, at least they take the risk, which is important. Their every step taken towards the new life will be filled with the rays of light of knowledge. Initiation, which is taking a risk is the most essential and most difficult step. To do this one has to destroy the walls in his mind created by society and has to explore oneself.  

In a nut shell, we can say that NO PAIN NO GAIN. When we look back to lives of heroes and legends of our society we will find that they walked through the path filled with burning thrones but the pain is always nothing in-front of the beautiful knowledge and wisdom they gained. One should never forget about what the pain taught but always forget about the pain because it is abortive and will always stop you from taking risk in life. 


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