An Effective way to spend a Budget Surplus

If you were governor of your state, how would you spend a budget surplus?

Young youth is backbone of any county. But the country will be in entangle if it’s youth will went on a wrong path. If I will be the governor of my state, I would spend the budget surplus to empower the youth. Using the surplus budget, I will make pocket libraries in every region of my state. So, people of my state, especially the youth will take advantage and will be able to act as a prolific citizens.

Today, education is the basic need of every person. These pocket libraries will help to increase the knowledge of students, which will help them to achieve quality education. We will put interested and variety of books in those libraries so that, students will polish their knowledge and those Childer will gain information, who can not attend school for any reason.

I will introduce a new way of learning through these libraries. People will discuss things by making a group in the library. People will discuss things and their problems with other people in the group and this will help them to find a better solution. People will come here to read books but they will also transfer their information to others. These small group discussions will help people to know each others perception and to understand each other in a better way. This will also indirectly develop the creativity of people.

Many students and other people will come to these libraries and they will interact with each other. Using this opportunity they will know each other and automatically a bond of harmony and unconditional love will form between them. And this will help to bring peace and will maintain sustainability in the state.

Youth can create and they can also destroy a county. I am leading my youth in a positive direction by introducing pocket libraries. This will help them to find their inner potential and this could be the best way to create high intellectual minds and maintain peace in the state.

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